10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2015 - #8 Evolve

Coz jetpacks make you... Jump! Jump!

I'm a big fan of co-op games as you know which means the developer, Turtle Rock Studios, are definitely one of my favourites considering they're the guys that brought us the classic zombie co-op game, Left 4 Dead. I'm also a fan of the guys behind the game Alien Swarm - who were originally known as Black Cat Studios when they developed the first version of it (a UT mod). They were apparently recruited by Valve to deliver the free 2010 remake of it - probably one of the best free games I have played ever. Why do I mention these two games? Because my love for both of these games is a good reason why I'm interested in Evolve.

Evolve is being developed by the same guys that brought us the Left 4 Dead series, Turtle Rock Studios, but instead of the usual four survivors trying to reach a safehouse whilst fighting the zombie horde, this game sounds more like the Versus mode where humans also get to play the zombies themselves. The game also bears some similarities to Alien Swarm, obviously because they're both sci-fi co-op games where you get to kill aliens, but also because they both employ a class-based system with respect to the characters you're able to select. In terms of gameplay, this sounds like it's going to be a real winner - the only thing that makes me hesitate though, is the price.

The game is currently selling for $79.99 USD which seems a bit steep when you realise Turtle Rock Studios's other offerings are $19.99 USD and Alien Swarm is free, although it does seem you can pick this up for $47.49 from ozgameshop if you're quick.

Voted by:
Mark G

Release Date:
10 February 2015

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