Choicest VGM - VGM #155 - Dune II - Faithful Warriors

Composed by: Frank Klepacki and Dwight Okahara

It's VGM Monday again and we now continue on with the soundtrack introduced last Monday: Dune II.

The "Faithful Warriors" track is another one of my favourites from Dune II because I always remember this one while I'm just starting off on a level, slowly building up my base. This is also one of the classic themes of the series, probably thanks to the beautiful harp melody starting at 0:08. You'll hear variations of the theme not only in Dune 2000 where it's called "Under Construction" (and is very similar to the original) but also in Emperor: Battle for Dune under the name "Assembling the Troops".

Also this theme is very much an Atreides theme, staying that way throughout the entire series, but with a name like "Faithful Warriors" (an obvious nod to the Fremen, allies of the Atreides), it probably comes as no surprise.