All Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective Episodes Now Available for $5

Ah good ol' FMV

Anyone remember an old FMV game where you got to play as Sherlock Holmes by a company called ICOM Simulations? The game probably seems quaint by today's standards but they were cutting edge back in its day (this was 1991 mind you, CDs and FMV were a relatively new thing). Zojoi, successor to ICOM Simulations re-released this game a couple of years back (which I was ecstatic about) but unfortunately the game seemed to only be available on mobile platforms and Desura (which I wasn't so ecsatic about). In this age of digital distribution, there are many of us who are quite picky when it comes to entertaining new platforms/websites - I even know of some friends who refuse to play any game that isn't released on Steam! While I'm no snob, I do already have accounts with five gaming-related digital distributors (i.e. Steam, Origin, UPlay, and Humble Bundle) - so a sixth is really starting to stretch it for me.

Anyway, some good news today for those who just want a DRM-free copy of these classic Sherlock Holmes adventures: you can now get all three direct from Zojoi's recently established store for $5 USD! It was an insta-buy for me and that's not all - you can even get some of their other retro adventures from their site, including the original Shadowgate. Definitely worth a look if you want to own a bit of gaming history or to relive these old classics! :) (Apparently, I'm still no better at Sherlock Holmes even with 2 decades experience - EPIC FAIL)

[ SOURCE: Shadowgate Kickstarter November Update ]
[ LINK: Zojoi Store ]