Upcoming major update for Shadowgate will make game more accessible to newcomers

This lady creeps me out

As you may have read in my "first impressions" post regarding the 2014 remake of Shadowgate one of the things that I found frustrating was how difficult the game was. I'm quite aware that the game is meant to be difficult but even on the easiest settings it is quite a challenge and probably highlights how much gaming has evolved since the 1980s (or "devolved", depending on your opinion). Thankfully, it seems that Zojoi are going to create an even easier difficulty level for us "casual" players and they're planning to revamp the command system into something more user-friendly for today's audience. Hints are also being tweaked to be more helpful and there's even the ability to show all objects in the room.

The hardcore purists would probably scoff at the changes being introduced but I for one welcome them, and might give the game another go once the new changes take effect.

For a full list of the changes, check out the link below.

[ LINK: Shadowgate Kickstarter Page: October Update! ]