Puzzle Quest creators release new game called Gems of War

More match-3 action coming your way

Puzzle Quest creators, Infinite Interactive have just released a mobile game for iOS called Gems of War. What's this got to do with PC gaming? Well apparently the iOS version released today is for Australia only but will be followed by a worldwide release of the game on iOS, Android and Steam in 1-2 months.

As you can tell by the title, the game is similar to Puzzle Quest in that you're once again matching 3 gems together in order to do various things like attacking enemies or building up mana for spells/abilities. What is different however is that it looks like it's incorporated some elements from Puzzle Kingdoms as you're now able to bring some troops along to help you in battle. What's probably most exciting though is the multiplayer: apparently you can now play the game against other players or co-operatively with your friends on the same team. There will even be the ability to create and join guilds!

Another big change is that the game is going to be free-to-play which admittedly gave me some trepidation, although Infinite Interactive has assured us that everything in the game can be earned without micro-transactions, except for some cosmetic outfits for your avatar. Sounds good, provided that the things you acquire using micro-transactions don't make the game a Pay-to-Win title.

[ LINK: Official Gems of War website]