Choicest VGM - VGM #153 - The Ur-Quan Masters - Thraddash - Culture 19

Composed by: Riku Nuottajärvi
Remixed by: Espen Gätzschmann & Tore Aune Fjellstad

For those of you that are sick of the Ur-Quan Masters soundtrack that's been playing on Choicest VGM for the past few months (thanks to the change in policy I made where I'm only posting Choicest VGM videos on Mondays), rejoice since this will be the last of them for awhile. We're going to be ending this soundtrack with a bang thanks to this remix of the Thraddash theme by Espen Gätzschmann and Tore Aune Fjellstad. The Thraddash are a race of stubborn, hornless rhino-like beings who seem to enjoy smoking cigars in their cockpits. That's how badass they are. Not only that, but their race only respects force, so much so that their civilization have gone through so many dark ages that they're currently at "Culture" number 19 (which is what the title of the track alludes to). Pretty aggressive bunch aren't they?

The hard rock/metal style of this track is a perfect match for the Thraddash due to their aggressive, war-like nature. As Gätzschmann says "we added the guitars that the Thraddash have been practically begging for since Star Control 2 was first released."

Special thanks to The Precursors for remixing the classic Star Control II tracks and making them available for download.

Stay tuned next week for some music from the legendary Westwood RTS, Dune II.