Where to buy Wasteland 2 in Australia

They ain't no Brotherhood of Steel but damn they look badass

Wasteland 2 was released yesterday on Steam but it's apparently still going to be another week before Australians are able to buy the game off the shelves at your usual "bricks and mortar" stores like EB Games and JB Hi-Fi. So those of you wanting to have a go at Brian Fargo's highly anticipated post-apocalyptic RPG sequel, lets see where the good deals are at shall we?

Wasteland 2 - Classic/Standard Edition
Available on:
  • JB Hi-Fi ($39.00)
  • EB Games ($39.95)
  • Steam ($39.99USD)

Wasteland 2 Ranger Edition
Available on:
  • ozgameshop ($52.99)
  • Collectors Box
  • Official Soundtrack
  • Field Manual
  • 5 Collector Cards
  • Double sided poster
  • Wasteland 1

Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition
Available on:
  • Steam ($59.99USD)
  • GOG ($68.99 + $3.70 Store Credit)
  • Digital Manual
  • Official Soundtrack (MP3)
  • 3 Wallpapers (GOG only)
  • 3 Digital Wasteland Novellas
  • Chris Avellone Wasteland Novel (GOG only)
  • Map (GOG only)
  • Reference Card (GOG only)
  • Official Soundtrack (FLAC)
  • Concept Artbook
  • Wasteland 1
  • The Bard's Tale

If you're wanting to get the base game as cheap as possible it looks like JB Hi-Fi is the cheapest, even slightly cheaper than Steam - although realistically the price difference is negligible between JB, EB and Steam. So it really boils down to whether you want a physical copy or a digital only one.

If you're interested in getting the soundtrack, ozgameshop's Ranger Edition provides a good middle ground price since it's slightly cheaper than the Digital Deluxe Edition although for only a few dollars more you're able to get more stuff such as the game The Bard's Tale and some novellas (not to mention the Digital Deluxe version is obviously digital, whereas the Ranger Edition is physical).

As I already have the games Wasteland 1 and The Bard's Tale I'm not really attracted at getting anything more than a standard edition, well except for maybe the soundtrack - but to me it's basically paying $13 or more for the privilege of a soundtrack which seems a bit steep to me. I'll probably end up buying the Steam Classic version whenever it goes on sale :).