First Point 'n' Click Adventure Kickstarter Project from Perth is now seeking funds

A postcard from the town that Paradigm is set in

Thanks to my brother, I managed to catch wind of a new point 'n' click adventure Kickstarter project that's being developed right here in Australia! Not only that, it's being developed in what is more or less my backyard, the remote Western Australian city of Perth! A young man called Jacob Janerka is asking for a modest $14,000 in funds for a surreal point 'n' click adventure game called Paradigm which is set in a post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe with an ugly, mutant protagonist and an evil sloth as an antagonist. It's got a pretty neat 70s/80s retrofuturistic aesthetic (what people in this era would've thought the far future of 2026 would be like) and even a soundtrack with a 70s/80s sci-fi vibe to it apparently inspired by the likes of Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk and Vangelis, thanks to composer Jonas Kjellberg. Oh and that brings me to why the goal is rather modest: Jacob needs the cash for some top quality music by Jonas as well as money for some extra voice acting and other licensing costs. The game itself is apparently complete and there's an alpha demo that you can play to check it out.

If you're quick, it's only $10 to get a copy of the game. If you pick the $25 tier you will get the game and a choice of PDF artbook or soundtrack (you could probably guess which one I'm going for).

For those "15 minutes of fame" kind of rewards: $65 gets your name in the game, $350 to get your head (literally) in the game and $750 to get an interactive character based on yourself in the game.

So if you're a keen point 'n' click adventure fan or you're an Australian gamer wanting to support Aussie made games (or both), I'd recommend you give this game a look!

[ LINK: Paradigm Kickstarter Page ]