Choicest VGM - VGM #149 - The Ur-Quan Masters - Spathi - Safe Haven

Composed by: Eric Berge
Remixed by: Jouni Airaksinen

This is a remix of the music which plays when you meet the cowardly race known as the Spathi - and when I say they're cowardly, that's not meant as an insult, it's actually one of their racial traits! Their fear and paranoia actually worked to their advantage though, causing them to advance from the Bronze Age to the Space Age within only 100 years, due to their fear of teddy-bear like creatures known as "the Evil Ones". Since being a coward is so deeply ingrained in Spathi culture, even their ships, aptly named "Eluders", are best at speeding away from enemies and firing torpedoes whilst they retreat.

The original track by Eric Berge sounds quite comical, probably because the Spathi were one of the "comic relief" races in the game (although most of the races are to some degree). Jouni Airaksinen's remix is, I daresay, even better at channelling what goes through the minds of all Spathi: living in a state of utter panic fearing each day will be their last!

Special thanks to The Precursors for remixing the classic Star Control II tracks and making them available for download.