Shroud of the Avatar Opening Cinematic Released

Ahhhh, nothing like getting yourself warm besides a cozy laptop monitor

It can't be long now until Shroud of the Avatar is released since Portalarium has just released what is apparently going to be the opening cinematic for the game!

It seems that, kind of similar to Ultima, the player is actually a person from Earth that is teleported into the fantasy world called New Britannia (yes, not a terribly original name is it? :) - although in the description it mentions the place is actually called "Novia" - hmmm)! The trailer makes sure to poke fun at the banality of life on Earth as you track your friends' status updates on Facebook, and how your investigations into this mystical world of New Britannia on the Dark Internet and obscure forums have you intrigued - so much so that you're able to somehow transport yourself there (without the aid of moongates).

One thing I really like in the trailer is the music which has definitely got a medieval vibe, similar to the Ultima games. Apparently the track is called "Dark Planet" by the Space Bards but I haven't been able to track a copy of the music online, not just yet anyway.

So what do you think of the opening cinematic? Do you think it's good, so-so or even bad? Also, are you looking forward to Shroud of the Avatar?