Reversion - The Escape Review

Gotta love the Dad jokes

  • Developer: 3f Interactive
  • Publisher: 3f Interactive
  • Release Date: 21 March 2012
  • Time played: 1.4 hours

I managed to score a free copy of the sequel to Reversion - The Escape (thanks again Mix-Master) called Reversion - The Meeting so I thought I'd better give the first episode a go before I venture onto the next. Thankfully, Reversion - The Escape is a free-to-play game so it turns out I didn't need to pay anything for the first two episodes of the Reversion series.

However, is Reversion - The Escape any good? I'm a big fan of adventure games but does this one tick all the right boxes?

Plot (3/5)
You play the role of a man who wakes up in a dilapidated hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina with nothing more than the clothes on your back and a torn up photo with a scientist on it. You soon discover that you're suffering from amnesia and you have no recollection of why you're at the hospital or even who you are. You also find out that the city has been taken over by a military junta and it's these guys that are preventing you from escaping the hospital, which happens to be the goal of the game.

Unfortunately, the game ends once you leave the hospital so the game ends up being too short for anything to really develop. What I mentioned in the last paragraph is pretty much all you're going to be able to glean from the brief time you play Reversion - The Escape. The game/episode acts more as a teaser or demo than anything else, although I do like the fact it's set in a city not normally used as a setting for a computer game. Also, I'm a big sucker for the amnesiachero trope.

Also the character dialogue seems to be a bit clumsy at times to the point where some responses don't make any sense. I'm not sure if this is just because they had bad dialogue writers or something was lost in translation from what I assume was originally in Spanish.

Gameplay (4/5)
The game thankfully has your typical point 'n' click adventure interface where the mouse rules supreme! The puzzles are generally logical and straight-forward to complete too; there's even a hints system if you get stuck, although I never needed to use it. The only criticism I have with the game is that like oldschool adventure games there are a lot of red herrings or items on the screen that look potentially useful but turns out to be nothing more than eye candy.

Sound (2/5)
The English voice acting is quite poor with the emphasis being stressed on the wrong words and a mixture of actors that are too hammy in their delivery alongside actors who sound a bit like Harry from House of the Dead 2:

I'm not sure if it sounds as good in Spanish (if there is a Spanish version) but I'm hoping it does.

Music (2/5)
Music tends to be the same theme over and over again yet with different variations. Too bad the variations all seem to be rather dull.

Graphics (4/5)
Graphics are generally pretty good. The game adopts a clean, crisp comic-book style that's visually appealing.

Replay (1/5)
It only took me a bit over an hour to finish this game - although if you want to be generous, you could say that technically this isn't the whole game, it's just the first episode. So on one hand you feel that the experience is way too short yet on the other, you rationalise it by saying you can't expect much from the first chapter. It originally took me 1.4 hours to complete the game which is pretty short but playing it a second time revealed that it's possible to pull it off in 10 minutes. This is extremely short and since it's (thankfully) free-to-play, it leads me to believe that this is almost a form of shareware - i.e. release the first episode for free and if you like what you see, pay extra for the rest of the episodes.

Don't ask me what's going on here

Polish (4/5)
The only bugs I encountered were the occasional visual bug where the protagonist is able to climb onto things that he shouldn't be able to and ends up double in size.

Score – 6/10

Reversion - The Escape isn't a bad little point 'n' click adventure game but it's just as well it's free since you can finish the "game" in 10 minutes. It makes more sense to imagine this as a form of demo or type of shareware in order to entice you into purchasing more of the Reversion series (its second episode costs money). It would've been nice if they spent more effort in improving the voice acting and the soundtrack too.

If you want to get the game, you can get it on Steam.

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