Reggae adventure Kickstarter Bolt Riley relaunches

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I was tempted to use the title from my previous blog post about Bolt Riley again since it wouldn't be lying that there's only one week left to fund the relaunch of reggae adventure Kickstarter, Bolt Riley by Adventure Mob. That's because this time (which is a second attempt to secure funding) Adventure Mob has decided to do a "short blitz campaign" which has a funding drive for only one week. This is because Adventure Mob wants to take advantage of OUYA's Free the Games Fund which has a deadline of the 10th August 2014.

So besides the shorter Kickstarter campaign, how is this campaign different?

Well firstly, the goal is much smaller than the first project, only $31,000. This is because according to Adventure Mob's calculations, it'll only take roughly $62,000-63,000 in order to complete the first episode of Bolt Riley. This is drastically smaller than the goal set for the first Bolt Riley Kickstarter project which asked for $120,000 - so about double the amount they're estimating they need this time around. Apparently, half of the old budget was dedicated to fulfilling physical rewards including flights for Lori and Corey Cole to Israel (Quest for Glory creators, Lori and Corey Cole are apparently involved with the second episode/chapter in the trilogy). Since that's not happening now, the budget is more achievable.

Also the game is going to be exclusive to the OUYA console for a period of time since this is one of the conditions of receiving funding from OUYA's Free the Games Fund. How much funding would Adventure Mob receive you ask? Apparently double of whatever amount they secure during their Kickstarter campaign (hence the $31,000 target).

The new goal is definitely achievable considering $51,000+ was raised for the first project so if any of you out there still want to see a reggae point 'n' click adventure come to life, lend your support to Bolt Riley! :)

[ LINK: Bolt Riley Kickstarter ]