Good Old Games selling selected platformers at up to 75% off

Valdis Story: Abyssal City. Developed with Game Maker Studio and currently on sale on

Good Old Games is having a promotion this weekend where you can get up to 75% off selected platformers. While I'm not usually a big fan when it comes to platformers I may be tempted to buy Valdis Story: Abyssal City, just for research purposes of course ;) (apparently the game was developed using Game Maker Studio). There are a lot of classic platformer games on sale though for any of you that want to complete your game libraries for nostalgia's sake, such as:

  • Duke Nukem 1 + 2 for $1.99
  • Hocus Pocus for $1.99
  • Psychonauts for $2.99
  • Secret Agent for $1.99

A more recent classic, Spelunky, is also on sale for $4.99, so there's plenty to choose from.

[ LINK: GOG: Weekend Promo: Platformers Aplenty! ]