Good Old Games revamps their website and has sale on 35 games that will be dropped from its catalogue

Freedom Force vs The Third Reich is 1 of 35 games to be soon pulled off GOG's catalogue

Good Old Games ( has recently revamped their website to apparently make it friendlier for mobile devices. They've also adopted a greyscale colour scheme which I'm not too big a fan of but as long as the site is functional, I'm not going to be too fussed. So besides the new look, what else has changed? has also introduced more payment options I've never heard of before (Sofort, Giropay, Webmoney and Yandex) along with the ability to purchase in four new currencies besides the US Dollar: Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars and Russian Roubles. has also introduced a "Fair Price Package" as they're aware with the introduction of regional pricing for some of its games (a.k.a. the Australia Tax) that you might be paying more than the standard US Dollar price. If you do, is prepared to refund the difference as store credit towards another of their games! Not as good as cash but that's still pretty generous.

Also, are apparently dropping 35 of its titles from their catalogue come 2 September. However, unlike their previous behaviour (and Steam's current behaviour), they have advertised the fact that the games are being dropped and are providing a whopping 80% discount on them. Once you own the game you're able to re-download it whenever you like, even if the game isn't available for sale anymore.

I've taken a look at the titles on offer and compared them with Steam's current prices and Metacritic ratings. Yes, you could always wait for the games on Steam to go on sale but there are two disadvantages to this: (1) you risk not being able to buy the games on Steam if they're also being pulled off their catalogue on 2 September and (2) the obvious fact that Steam uses DRM and GOG's games are DRM-free.

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As we can see, most games are much cheaper than Steam's current prices except for Dark Fall 1 and Dark Fall 2 which are both also on sale until the 2 September (coincidence or not?). Games that aren't available on Steam at all include the following:

  • The Nations - Gold Edition
  • The Guild - Gold Edition
  • Silver
  • Alien Nations

In terms of games that are discounted and have Metacritic ratings of 80 or above, these seem to be good picks:

  • Freedom Force vs The Third Reich
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • The Guild - Gold Edition
  • Painkiller Black Edition
  • Full Spectrum Warrior
  • Spellforce 2

So what do you think about GOG's new look? Are you planning on buying any of the games they're planning to drop from their catalogue?