Bolt Riley Kickstarter Project offers your name in the game for $45

Kicktraq chart for Bolt Riley

As mentioned earlier, game development studio Adventure Mob relaunched their Kickstarter project Bolt Riley only a matter of days ago in order to secure $31,668 in funding. These funds along with another $31,668 from the OUYA Free the Games Fund would help Adventure Mob complete their reggae point 'n' click adventure game in the next year or so. The relaunch of the project has done away with the physical tiers from the original project although in the most recent update, Adventure Mob's CEO Oded Sharon has announced an extra $45 tier that will result in your name being in the game (inside a phone book with names to be precise). You will also receive everything from the tiers below which includes the game and soundtrack.

On gaming Kickstarter projects, paying only $45 to be mentioned in a game is pretty rare, often much more money is required to even make it into the credits let alone a spot in the game, so it's a pretty good deal if you want your 15 minutes of fame :).

With only 48 hours left to go for the project it's now crunch time and there's still around $10,000 more required if Bolt Riley is to see the light of day. I'm sure Oded Sharon and Adventure Mob are hoping this additional tier will help bring in new backers and encourage existing backers to up their pledges.