Choicest VGM - VGM #138 - The Ur-Quan Masters - Mortal Melee! Tekkno

Composed by: Dan Nicholson
Remixed by: Jouni Airaksinen

While technically my next featured track for VGM Monday isn't a track from Star Control II, it's a remix of a track from that game that was made for the open source remake, The Ur-Quan Masters. I was actually a latecomer to the world of Star Control II but I fell in love with the soundtrack almost immediately. Not only did it have a superior music format for the day (MODs instead of MIDIs) it happened to have tracks that perfectly reflected the different cultures you would meet in the game.

This particular remix is based off the Melee or Battle music that plays during combat. You can tell that this remix pays homage to Techno Syndrome (aka the Mortal Kombat theme) by The Immortals and even manages to sample some oldschool Star Trek sound effects in there.

Special thanks to The Precursors for remixing the classic Star Control II tracks and making them available for download.