4 Civ: Beyond Earth Leaders down, 4 to go

Doesn't look too bad for a 200 year old

The fourth leader for Civ: Beyond Earth was revealed recently to be Kavitha Thakur of the Kavithan Protectorate. Apparently, the Protectorate is located in India and it's apparently a religious paradise. So if I'm going to continue playing the game of matching Civ: Beyond Earth leaders to ones from Alpha Centauri, this would have to be Sister Miriam Godwinson's replacement. Apparently she's 200 years old, which means she's looking pretty good for a bicentenarian (is that even a word?) which would suggest three possible theories:

  1. She's lying about her age
  2. The immortality vaccine is real in the future
  3. She's the Phantom

Anyway, I've decided to draw a crude map of the general nations/areas each faction represents so far based on information from the Civilization website and Apolyton's wiki

Rough locations of Civ: Beyond Earth Factions

Some of the boundaries are guesses based on the names but this gives you a rough picture of which regions each faction represents. The eight factions are apparently:

  • American Reclamation Corporation (ARC)
  • Brazilia
  • Franco-Iberia
  • Kavithan Protectorate
  • Pan-Asian Cooperative (PAC)
  • People's African Union (PAU)
  • Polystralia
  • Slavic Federation

So there's apparently these old Alpha Centauri leaders to match up:

  • Lady Deidre Skye (Gaia's Stepdaughters)
  • Academician Prokhor Zakharov (University of Planet)
  • Colonel Corazon Santiago (Spartan Federation)

There's already a note on the Apolyton website that Brazilia will be militaristic (so no changes to the fact that the militaristic faction in both games has a leader hailing from Latin America). However, the leader for the Slavic Federation is a General Kozlov - so who knows we might end up with two militaristic factions there. It could go either way for Polystralia and Franco-Iberia with respect to whether one is a scientific faction and the other a green faction, but my money's on Polystralia being the green faction since they will be the ones to suffer most from the Great Mistake (especially Polynesia if the sea level rises as predicted)

[SOURCE: Civilization: Beyond Earth - The Prophet's Work]