Transport Tycoon composer remasters soundtrack

I highly recommend Transport Tycoon fans give the remastered tracks a listen

From previous discussions with friends of mine, Transport Tycoon is one of their favourite games of all time. Not only that, but the soundtrack was one of their favourites too, as quirky as the MIDI sounds today. So even though this news is pretty old (about a week) I thought it'd be too good not to share: John Broomhall has remastered all the old tracks from the Transport Tycoon soundtrack using live instruments!

According to website Develop, the remastered soundtrack is known as "Transport Tycoon - The 2014 Sessions" with 22 tracks all up, re-arranged and re-recorded by John Broomhall and the "TT Band"

It's a pity that only the new mobile version of the game (on Android and iOS) receives this glorious remaster of the soundtrack. If only there was a new, remastered PC version of Transport Tycoon *hint* *hint* ;). Anyway, let's hope that John Broomhall gets around to releasing a DRM-free version of the soundtrack so those of us without the mobile version of the game can also enjoy the remastered blues, funk and jazz :).

Until that time, check out the awesome excerpts from John Broomhall's Soundcloud page.

[SOURCE: Develop - John Broomhall remasters Transport Tycoon soundtrack ]