The Shivah Soundtrack Review

  • Name: The Shivah OST
  • Label: Peter Gresser
  • Composer(s): Peter Gresser
  • Number of Tracks: 14

As mentioned before, I got this interesting point 'n' click adventure called The Shivah not too long ago where you play the role of a rabbi investigating a murder case, thanks to the good fellows on GOG. Another awesome thing about GOG versions of games is that you often get free soundtracks bundled with them and this was the case with The Shivah, hence this soundtrack review you are now reading!

The album is almost exclusively a jazz affair which suits the game perfectly, considering this game has a very film noir feel to it, with the exception of the private investigator being replaced with a rabbi. Peter Gresser has done a great job here and there aren't any filler tracks that come to my mind (you know, the sort that is ambient or doesn't seem like much effort was taken to create a serviceable theme or melody), however a lot of the tracks start to blend and mesh into one when you have a listen to them, with the exception of my favourites, namely Stone's Office (I love the Jewish sounding clarinet) and Zelig (only because it channels some of the vibe from Stone's Office)

Score - 6/10

Overall, Peter Gresser has created a really suitable soundtrack for the rabbi murder mystery game of The Shivah. Would it be something that I would listen to frequently on my playlist? Probably not but if you like a bit of moody jazz, this soundtrack will be right up your alley.

There are quite a few ways you can grab this album: either via online music stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon, or free if you purchase the game off GOG for $5.