Choicest VGM - VGM #137 - Dune - Arrakis

Composed by: Stephane Picq

For this Video Game Music Monday we finally move on to music from PC games released in 1992. First up we have a track from the game Dune. No, I'm not talking about Dune II by Westwood Studios, but an adventure/RPG/strategy game by Cryo Interactive. I must confess I never really played much of this game and I didn't recall the soundtrack too well either, not until listening to Bart Klepka's excellent remix that is, many years ago. Thankfully, it's been uploaded to YouTube by OCRemix for posterity:

It made me appreciate what Stephane Picq (how do you even pronounce that name?) did with this soundtrack, which I believe is even superior to the 1984 movie's soundtrack to some degree since I can definitely hear how the music is inspired by Middle Eastern rhythms and melodies, the featured track Arrakis, being a good example. It just means the soundtrack is more authentic since the Fremen of Arrakis are definitely modelled off the Bedouin Arabs (the fact they even speak Arabic is a dead giveaway!).

Special thanks to Tom for making these tracks available for Dune fans to enjoy.