Choicest VGM - VGM #135 - Space Quest I (VGA) - The Rocket Bar 2 - ZZ Top

Composed by: Ken Allen

So there I was the other day, thinking to myself: "Self, as much as you love awesome VGM, and as much as your devoted readers love awesome VGM, might want to go a bit easy on it and stop barraging them with VGM posts every two days hey?" Whoever thought that is probably a bit of a Scrooge but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing so I've decided to limit the VGM posts to Mondays so it can henceforth be known as (Video Game) Music Monday!

Anyway, back to our regular viewing, here we have another track from the Space Quest 1 (VGA) soundtrack, again set in the Rocket Bar. This is the track that plays when the band that looks suspiciously like ZZ Top play. It's a pretty rockin' track aka Space Questin', and hopefully one Ken Allen will still manage to include on his Kickstarter project, if he ever gets around to it considering his current work on SpaceVenture...

Special thanks to Quest Studios for making these tracks available for all Sierra fans to enjoy.