Choicest VGM - VGM #123 - Lemmings - Lemming2

Composed by: Brian Johnston
Arranged for DOS version by: Tony Williams

Here's another track from the classic puzzle game, Lemmings. Whenever I hear this track I immediately imagine an army of Digger Lemmings, frantically digging through the earth, so that their comrades can make it to the exit. In fact, that's all you have to do on the first level so it makes for good background music for that level in particular.

While on the topic of "Digger Lemmings" there were actually quite a few roles you could assign to your Lemmings, as listed below (thanks to Wikipedia):

  • Climber: Can climb vertical surfaces
  • Floater: Lemmings equipped with umbrellas that can survive falls from great heights
  • Bomber: Kamikaze lemmings that blow up destroying anything within close proximity
  • Blocker: Blocks lemmings from moving any further and sends them the other way
  • Builder: Builds a stairway
  • Basher: Digs horizontally
  • Miner: Digs diagonally downwards
  • Digger: Digs directly downwards