Battlefield 4 to (re)introduce platoons

The new BF4 platoons functionality is designed in such a way to entice more players to switch to Premium

So a few hours ago DICE made the announcement that platoons will be making a return to the Battlelog for Battlefield 4 players. Just as it was with Battlefield 3, this will allow players to form what is akin to a built-in clan functionality in the Battlelog and allow friends to compare stats amongst themselves. This is my take, or summary if you will, on what has been announced:

The Good

  • "A platoon emblem and tag that all members can easily apply". I've always been wondering why there wasn't an easy feature to share emblems within the Battlelog. I've heard there's ways of copy and pasting code to share other user-created emblems but there really should've been a feature in Battlelog like that from the start. At least platoons/clans will be able to share their emblems now.
  • Seems to be retaining very similar functionality to the BF3 platoons.

The Bad

  • This functionality should've been available from the start. How hard is it to mimic functionality that already existed in BF3?
  • Only BF4 Premium players who have reached level 10 can create new platoons. This means any of you guys who run a clan (like me) who didn't get Premium are now either forced to cough up $60 extra (i.e. in addition to having spent money on buying the base game) for the privilege of creating a platoon or have someone else in your clan who has premium to become platoon administrator. It's sickening behaviour and there's no reason to do it besides encouraging more players to pay what is essentially a subscription fee to play Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 platoons will have a staggered rollout (i.e. incrementally releasing to a certain number of players at a time) on 27 February 2014.

[ LINK: Introducing Battlefield 4 Platoons (Source: DICE) ]