Choicest VGM - VGM #106 - Monkey Island 2 - Opening Themes and Introduction

Original music by: Michael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian, Robin Goldstein and Joseph White

Okay, some of you might be saying right about now, "Excuse me good sir, but weren't we listening to Monkey Island 1's tracks on Choicest VGM not that long ago?" and the answer would be "yes you're absolutely right!". So why am I bombarding you with more Monkey Island music? Because (a) you just can't get enough jammin' to these Caribbean rhythms and sea shanties, and (b) Monkey Island 2 was released quite soon after the first one (the next year in fact).

Monkey Island 2 decided to have a funky take on the original Monkey Island theme. I must say that I prefer the theme from the original but there's no denying which Monkey game this theme is for once you hear it. It's fun and unique, that's important. The music then segues into the Introduction music: a sea shanty that plays while Guybrush regales his tales around a campfire. It also happens to play during one of my favourite jokes in the game:

Guybrush: I'm on a whole new adventure.
Bart: Growing a mustache?
Guybrush: No. Bigger than that.
Bart: A beard?!?

Good times.