Choicest VGM - VGM #104 - The Secret of Monkey Island - Cannibal Village

Original Soundtrack composed by: Michael Land, Barney Jones, Andy Newell and Patric Mundy

For our final Choicest VGM track to come from the Secret of Monkey Island soundtrack, we have the music that plays when you're at the Cannibal Village. It turns out that these cannibals are actually very well spoken and educated, which isn't the usual image you'd concoct for a cannibal (Hannibal Lecter being a notable exception of course). Another thing that I really liked is that one of the cannibals, known as Lemonhead, reappears later on in the Curse of Monkey Island, bringing some continuity to the series. You'll be tapping your toes to the tribal rhythms on this track - well at least I was :)!

Next in Choicest VGM, we start to explore more tracks from games released in 1991! So stay tuned.