6 Reasons to support The Slaughter Kickstarter Project

Somehow every time I see a horse and carriage scene like this in a point 'n' click adventure I think of Shadow of the Comet...

There's just over a week to go before the Kickstarter campaign for Alexander Francois's 2D point 'n' click adventure game, The Slaughter, ends. Currently the project has just over 60% of its 8000 GBP goal (which is about $15,000 AUD) so there's still a bit more to go.

I like lists so I've compiled a list of reasons why I've backed the project and I believe you should to:

1. A conventional 2D point 'n' click adventure
Not in terms of the plot mind you, but in terms of how you move around. Thankfully it appears that the mouse rules supreme! It's not a crappy console or mobile port like so many PC games are nowadays. However this doesn't preclude the game from eventually being released to non-PC platforms which is still choice - so long as PC is first! ;)

2. Not your typical murder mystery
On the surface (and ashamedly, my first opinion of this game) was that it was a typical murder mystery. And that would've been fine for me if it was just that (I love Sherlock Holmes-style games). However, there's even more to the plot than meets the eye as there are some surreal dream sequences involved like the scene below with a talking fish:

Yes - you should be at the Kickstarter page, pledging your hard-earned moolah ;)

3. An eclectic selection of music is used as inspiration for the game's soundtrack
That means quite a bit of thought has been put into the game's soundtrack and it'll be different to what you'd expect in a Victorian murder mystery game.

4. The developer is a published author who happens to make games
This means we should expect the storyline to be rock solid which is pretty important in the adventure game genre.

5. The developer is doing everything at the moment
That's right. Mr. Alexander Francois is currently doing all programming, animation, music and writing. While this means there is a heavy burden on his shoulders, it also means he will have more creative freedom when developing the game and a greater sense of responsibility in shipping it out the door. Funds raised by the Kickstarter project may potentially fund for some freelance artists though.

6. Spend 120 pounds to be included in the game!
If you spend 120 pounds you get the META tier which includes the following:

Suddenly in the mood for KFC for some reason...

So have you backed The Slaughter? What do you think of the project?

[ LINK: Slaughter Kickstarter Page ]