10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2014 - #9 Watch Dogs


At #9 we have our first offender in terms of games claiming to be released this year but had their release dates pushed back to 2014. While at first glance this looks like another GTA clone (and it remains to be seen if it ultimately plays that way) the fact that you're able to take an indirect approach to solving problems, i.e. hacking smart devices, means it's already piqued my interest, and no doubt several other nerds out there :).

I also love the setting: a modern Chicago where every smart device is linked to a city-wide network. Also, the similarities in name when it comes to the fictional dedsec and the real life lulzsec can't be a coincidence and probably means the game will be inspired by recent events over the past decade with respect to hacking attempts by organisations such as Anonymous (or one could only hope :)).

Release Date:
Q2 2014

[LINK: Watch Dogs official site]