10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2014 - #7 The Banner Saga

Behold! The City of Whiterun! Oops wrong game...

This game has actually already been released at least its multiplayer component has anyway known as The Banner Saga: Factions. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have been received favourably by Metacritic only garnering an aggregate score of 67.

Hopefully this will be tempered by a enthralling plot as this game is made by ex-Bioware developers - you know, the company behind exceptional RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The setting which seems to be inspired by Norse mythology and the fact there's a Don Bluth animation style are two other things that are in the game's favour, at least for me. Not only that but critically acclaimed video game composer, Austin Wintory will be scoring the soundtrack.

So The Banner Saga looks promising. Let us hope it fares better than its multiplayer-only Factions.

Release Date:
14 January 2014

[LINK: Official Banner Saga website]