10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2014 - #5 Broken Age

A point 'n' click adventure game staple: the conversation tree

Yes we all know that the Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter project, even though it raised a considerable $3.3 million in funding when it only asked for $400,000, managed to still go over-budget hence why the game has garnered a lot of vitriol from the public - I mean how could you blow that money so quick? Tim Schafer explained that it was due to the scope of the game's puzzles requiring a lot more work than he anticipated. So yeah, some of you are going to hate this game just for the fact it seems a game developer has broken their promise and is now needing even more money despite the fact they reached more than 8 times their original funding goal. Fair enough. However, I'm still looking forward to this game.

The animation style is looking fantastic and they've managed to hire some pretty famous actors to do the voices including the likes of Elijah Wood and Wil Wheaton. So there may be a reason the project has gone over-budget since they seem to be getting top art and voice acting talent and they don't come cheap (I'd be interested to know what the most expensive point 'n' click adventure game is actually, I know that Full Throttle was about $1.5 million). The first part of the game is set to be released in January so that sales generated by this could help fund the rest of development and that hopefully means a complete game by the end of the year. Definitely one to look out for considering how much anticipation there is for a quality point 'n' click adventure game from this particular Lucasarts veteran.

Release Date:
January 2014

[LINK: Official Broken Age website]