Wing Commander on sale at Good Old Games

The ORIGINAL Hornet (I'm looking at you Star Citizen backers ;))


One of the greatest PC game series of all time is on sale. All the Wing Commander games (including the two Privateer games) are now on sale at Good Old Games.

I actually had most of the games already but was waiting until Privateer 2 featuring the talents of Clive Owen, John Hurt and Christopher Walken. But I also nabbed another Wing Commander game I used to play, Wing Commander Armada and Wing Commander Prophecy (to complete my Wing Commander series). I also got the poorly rated Wing Commander Armada, but only because it actually ended up being cheaper to do so instead of buying the three games I wanted (50% off if you buy the entire collection see :))!

Anyway, if you're curious about PC space sim history, or you're a Wing Commander veteran, definitely worth a look.