Just over a week to go for reggae adventure Kickstarter Bolt Riley

"I don't like reggae.... oh no... I love it!"

For the fans of adventure games out there, it would be a real shame if this game never saw the light of day. Bolt Riley is a reggae adventure currently in development by an Israeli studio called Adventure Mob and they require $120,000 to release the first in a trilogy of games.

Unfortunately only $35,000 has been raised so far and there's only just over a week to go so it's definitely crunch time now to see this game be made into a reality. Why did I back this project? For the following reasons:

1. Reggae music
As Oded Sharon mentions in his video, I too started my love of reggae music playing adventure games, in particular the Monkey Island series. Okay, I'm by no means a die-hard fan (I don't have stacks of reggae CDs adorning my shelves) but I can definitely appreciate the style - gotta love those syncopated rhythms!

2. Great art style
I love the art direction in this game. It reminds me of the style employed in Curse of Monkey Island which I think is the best looking game in the series, if not the best looking adventure game of that era (I have a distaste for the 3D graphics employed in latter Monkey Island games).

3. Lori and Corey Cole
Yes, the Coles have done it again! As you know, I'm a big fan of the Quest for Glory series and apparently the Coles are involved with the storyline for the second "chapter" to the game. While that means we may not initially get to experience their story-telling finesse if the goal is reached, here's hoping Adventure Mob can make enough money from the first episode to push ahead (and I'll be disappointed if there aren't a plethora of puns in the second chapter)

4. Supporting a fellow adventure gamer in need
Oded Sharon seems to be a pretty passionate guy when it comes to adventure games. In fact he's already backed 165 Kickstarter projects alone, many of them being adventure games.

So if you like any of the following:

  • The Coles
  • Reggae music
  • 2D Point 'n' click adventures

What are you waiting for? The minimum $12 pledge (although there's limited places left for this one) will get you a DRM-free copy of the game.

LINK: Bolt Riley Kickstarter Project