6 Reasons to Support the Dropsy Kickstarter Project

An example of Dropsy's non-verbal conversation style

It appears that Jay Tholen has put up his Dropsy Kickstarter a second time (a third time if you count the first project which was asking for $225 to acquire a software package). The game is apparently a surreal exploration-based adventure game about a clown that wants to be everyone's friend and has the ability to talk to animals. Sounds weird right? Yeah, I thought so too when the last Kickstarter was on and I didn't bother to fund it. Sadly, the project was unsuccessful even though there were a lot of good reasons to back it. This time, I took a closer look and discovered the following 6 reasons why adventure gaming fans around the world should support this project:

1. Supporting the point 'n' click adventure game revival
Dropsy is in good company when it comes to the huge point 'n' click adventure game revival on Kickstarter, and I'm not just talking about all the Sierra alumni!

2. Interesting text-free experience where you use symbols to converse with characters
This is uncommon in the point 'n' click adventure genre. Sometimes less is more and using visual cues to drive conversation means a different interpretation of the story – a bit like how people draw their own conclusions on how a character looks like when reading a book. It promotes creativity.

3. You progress through the game by learning and exploring the world
This is also uncommon in the point 'n' click adventure genre and if done right could be a refreshing breath of fresh air.

4. Some of the music to be inspired by 70s prog rock
Magma is mentioned although I honestly never heard of this band until now! I do love bands like Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis though.

5. Gathers inspiration from Grim Fandango and Myst/Riven in terms of games.
Perhaps Dropsy is inspired by Grim Fandango for its novel setting and the Myst/Riven games for its sense of exploration and non-verbal storytelling. Regardless, they're definitely classic games and great ones to get inspiration from!

6. Only three stretch goals
Meaning less time spent on bloating the game's size (or worse, on non-game related tasks) and more spent on developing the game

Have you backed Dropsy? What do you think about the project?


  1. Thanks for posting Mark! You're absolutely right about point 5. Grim had excellent Characters/Setting, while Myst and Riven are part of the inspiration for the 'open world' elements.

    Also, I love PF, Yes, and Genesis as well. Especially Genesis. Foxtrot, The Lamb, and Selling England are all amazing.

  2. Nice. Time for me to expand my musical horizons! Again, best of luck with the campaign.


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