Top 10 PC Game Developers - #10 Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe

The Two Guys from Andromeda - back in the good ol' days

Famous for: Space Quest series
Affiliations: Sierra On-Line

Mark Crowe and Scott Murphy (aka as the Two Guys from Andromeda) are the creative minds behind one of Sierra On-Line's most beloved adventure game series, Space Quest. Both of them started working at Sierra On-Line in the 1980s and the first project they worked on was Black Cauldron which was released in 1986. After completing a four-room demo for a new sci-fi game, they received the green light to create the first Space Quest game, the Sarien Encounter.

The two split up in 1991 after development of Space Quest IV and work on Space Quest V and 6 were done by Crowe and Murphy respectively. Space Quest 6 was the last official Space Quest game released and that was 18 years ago now. Last year, however, the two reunited as a team again and pitched a Kickstarter to create a new sci-fi comedy adventure tentatively called SpaceVenture. The funding campaign was a success and the game is currently in development with a demo being released not that long ago.

The reason these guys are on my list are the fact I've played every Space Quest game and while the latter games weren't terribly revolutionary, the stories, characters, puzzles, locations and of course, Roger Wilco, were all memorable. The success of their Kickstarter and the fact there are several fan remakes is a testament to how many Space Quest fans are still out there – even though almost two decades have passed since the last game.

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