Spiritual Successor to Police Quest put on hold for now

Bad boys bad boys. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you...

Just over 2 weeks ago, Robert Lindsley and Jim Walls decided to cancel their Kickstarter project seeking funds for a spiritual successor to the Police Quest games known as Precinct. Instead of going through Kickstarter, the Precinct team decided to seek funding on their own website using a tiered staging model where backers would only need to pay $1 in order to get access to the full game.

This weekend, Jim Walls sent an email to all Precinct backers that the project has been put on hold for now. The email is below:

Dear Precinct Fans and Backers,

Unfortunately, it appears our timing for the presentation of Precinct just wasn't right. So, sadly, I'm writing to inform you that further production will be set aside at this time.

I want to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement you have shown throughout this campaign. It was great fun hooking up and talking with some of the old fans once again. I have to say, Sierra fans are the greatest!

Also, I want to thank the Precinct team for their long hours and the many sacrifices they all made during our campaign. It was a labor of love for sure! I especially want to give two thumbs up to Tiny Castle Studios for the great job they did with the Precinct presentation. Your hard work, sacrifice and belief in the project was inspirational. It was great working with you all.

This is not the end! Precinct will rise again! It's too good not to.

Stay in touch!

Jim Walls

While I'm sad that progress has halted it's reassuring to hear that they haven't given up all hope yet on bringing Precinct to the table. Here's hoping they take the time to plan for a second Kickstarter project with better thought out tiers, increased communication with backers and more information about the game itself.