DICE reveals more about field upgrades in Battlefield 4

The Battlefield Blog was updated recently with even more information about DICE and EA's upcoming game, Battlefield 4. This post talks about a few things but mainly the way field upgrades will work.

Here are what I believe to be the highlights of the post:

  • BF4 will retain the same four classes as Battlefield 3
  • DICE claims the classes are more versatile and specialised at the same time. In reality I think it's leaning towards more versatile
  • Wire-guided Anti-Tank Weapons are back
  • The Support class now gets a remote mortar
  • Carbines and DMRs seem to be common weapons that all classes can pick
  • Both recon and support classes get C4 and claymores.
  • Snipers can now zero their sights
  • Instead of a SOFLAM, Recon now get a portable laser designator
  • Suppressing fire is back but its adverse effects are only more noticeable when it comes from a support class
  • Performing teamwork rewards points which go towards field upgrades.
  • There are four levels to the field upgrades and it looks like there will be two generic ones (attack and defense) and two class-specific ones for each class.
  • DICE have asked for fans to vote on a fifth field upgrade.
  • All field upgrades save for three are infantry based. The three vehicle ones are old BF2 abilities (e.g. ability to auto-repair nearby vehicles while in one)

It's a bit of a mixed bag. While I like the fact they've reintroduced old abilities/features (e.g. wire-guided anti-tank weapons, BF2 vehicle abilities, etc.) I'm actually not a big fan of the four-class model of BF3 nor do I like the idea that some classes are merging even closer together (e.g. both recon and support getting C4) meaning you'll end up with a team of jacks-of-all-trades. What do you think of the new BF4 features?