Choicest VGM - VGM #94 - The Secret of Monkey Island - Following the Shopkeeper (Melee Forest)

Original Soundtrack composed by: Michael Land, Barney Jones, Andy Newell and Patric Mundy

This track plays whenever Guybrush visits the forest of Melee Island. Not only are you meant to search for treasure in the forest but you also follow the town's shopkeeper here in order to find the location of Carla the Swordmaster's cottage. Carla eventually becomes one of the three crewmates that accompanies Guybrush on his voyage to Monkey Island and she not only appears in the first Monkey Island but also the fourth, Escape from Monkey Island.

Another piece of random trivia for you: Did you know that the mugshot for the original Carla was based off a Lucasfilm employee also named Carla (Carla Green was head of product support)?