Police Quest Creator launches Kickstarter: Precinct

As mentioned in an earlier article it was only a matter of time before a Kickstarter project led by the creator of the Police Quest series, Jim Walls, was launched.

That time has come.

Precinct promises to be a new police procedural adventure game where you play the role of a rookie cop in the fictional Californian town of Fraser Canyon. Apparently the game will feature cases based on Jim Wall’s experience as a cop and the plot will involve the player not only fighting the usual criminals but corrupt cops and politicians.

What is a major departure from previous Police Quest games is that the game is now taken from a first person perspective. Already the screenshots for the game (especially the lighting) look fantastic. It seems to be adopting a similar graphical style to Telltale adventure games and that's not the only thing it shares in common with them; Jim Walls intends on releasing the game in an episodic format too.

A $30 pledge will get you a digital copy of the game (although it remains to be clarified whether that's just for one episode or the whole thing – I’d be surprised if it isn’t the latter).

The current expected release date is sometime in June 2014.

17/07/2013 EDIT: Jim Walls has clarified that the game is not to be episodic but that the first game will be part of a series of games set in the same city.