List of Drafts for Loom

The feature has been around for a long time but only now have I managed to get off my butt and do something about it. Steam has the ability for people to contribute things to Steam game hubs or communities such as artwork, screenshots, videos and guides. While I've already posted a few screenshots (not exactly hard to do) I decided to put in a bit more effort and create a guide on the drafts that are available in the 1990 Lucasarts classic, Loom.

I was originally working on a walkthrough since noone had done so but looks like someone else beat me to it :).

I've extracted the list from the Steam guide here, just in case there are those who don't use Steam or can't be bothered checking it out :):

  • Opening = ECED (Hetchel's egg, clam on Loom Island and in Book of Patterns)
  • Closing = DECE (Opposite to Opening)
  • Night Vision = CDDC, DCCD or CCCC (Owls on Loom Island)
  • Emptying = GFFE, GEED or GDDE (Flask of dye on Loom Island)
  • Filling = EFFG, DEEG or EDDG (Opposite to Emptying)
  • Dyeing = DDCD, CCCD or CDCD (Cauldron with dye on Loom Island)
  • Bleaching = DCDD, DCCC or DCDC (Opposite to Dyeing)
  • Straw into Gold = DEDC, DEDE, DDDE or CCCE (Spindle on Loom Island)
  • Gold into Straw = CDED, EDED, EDDD or ECCC (Opposite to Straw into Gold)
  • Twisting = CFCC, DEFC or FDDE (Waterspout at sea)
  • Untwisting = CCFC, CFED or EDDF (Untwists objects)
  • Invisibility = GCGC, GCCD or GEEC (Shepherds in the woods)
  • Appearing = CGCG, DCCG or CEEG (Opposite to Invisibility)
  • Sharpening = AAAG, DFAF or CDDA (Glassmakers' Sickle)
  • Dulling = GAAA, FAFD or ADDC (Opposite to Sharpening)
  • Terror = EFFE, DFFD or FCCF (Crystal Sphere in Crystalgard)
  • Sleep = AFED, AEDC or AGFE (Sleepy shepherd)
  • Awaken = DEFA, CDEA or EFGA (Opposite to Sleep)
  • Healing = CAAC, ACCA or AGGA (Fleece trying to cure a lamb)
  • Reflection = FAAF, ADDA or AFFA (Pool in cave)
  • Silence = BAGF, BCCC or BFFC (Cast on Hetchel)
  • Unsilence = FGAB, CCCB or CFFB (Opposite to Silence)
  • Shaping = BFBF, BCBC or BABA (Cast on Hetchel)
  • Unshaping = FBFB, CBCB or ABAB (Opposite to Shaping)
  • Unmaking = ABBA or BCCB (Recorded by the Loom)
  • Transcendence = C'FGC (First learned at Loom at beginning of game and in Book of Patterns)

29/07/2013 EDIT: I've just discovered that many drafts in Loom are randomised but a few are not. So I will have to revisit this and modify my guide :). I have now added all possible combinations thanks to this link. I've also added the locations that you first learn of them.


  1. Thank you for posting!

  2. Thx,

    will use this to improve my Speedrun.
    Here we go

  3. There's also the killing draft Chaos uses on Bishop Mandible. BC'C'B.
    And Transcendence should have an opposite draft, since it's not a palindrome.

    1. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's just unmaking again that he casts. It was A B B A on my last playthrough.


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