Choicest VGM - VGM #86 - Police Quest III - Introduction

Original Composer: Jan Hammer
Initially released: 1992

This music plays during the Introduction to Police Quest III and shows a younger Jim Walls (the designer of the Police Quest series) in front of an old police car.

Jim introduces the game to the player informing them that it involves real police procedures and that surviving as a police officer requires you to know when to be a hero and when to rely on help from your colleagues. He also gives us the rundown on what has been happening in Lytton since the previous game:

Lytton, once a quiet and peaceful little town, has been growing like a weed. There's new industry, good jobs and a decent standard of living.

Unfortunately, progress is not without its side effects. Poverty and crime are going up about as fast as the new cultural center.

Homicide Detective Sonny Bonds and his wife Marie are still on a 'honeymoon high' from their wedding a few years back.

Marie's got a good job at Oak Tree Mall and the two have a beautiful new home.

As for Sonny, he was promoted to Detective Sergeant with the Lytton Police Department.

As the story opens, Sonny's just finished his Sergeant's training and is back on duty.

Overburdened as he is, he's been assigned to Traffic Division for a bit. Seems Traffic's always understaffed.

Well that's Sonny's life - and it's a good one, worth protecting. And now it's time for you to assume the role of Detective Sonny Bonds. I happen to know you're in for a heck of a day.

Thanks to Sierra On-Line and Quest Studios for providing these memorable tracks.