Choicest VGM - VGM #84 - Quest for Glory 2 - Closing Ceremonies

Original Composer: Chris Brayman
Initially released: 1989

This music is played during the closing ceremonies at the end of the game once the Hero is victorious. Basically, all the people that you've helped during the game come and thank you including (but not limited to) your Katta friends, Shameen and Shema, Aziza the Enchantress, a harem girl named Zayishah, the Emir of Raseir, the Sultan of Shapeir and Rakeesh the Liontaur Paladin. What was great about this game was the ending was slightly tailored depending on your class and the actions you took. For example, you'd only be made a paladin at the end of the game if you accrued enough Honour points during the game.

Another bit of interesting trivia is that at the end of the credits it told fans to stay tuned for Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness. Shadows of Darkness in fact became the fourth game in the Quest for Glory series with the title "Wages of War" going to the third one.

Thanks to Sierra On-Line and Quest Studios for providing these memorable tracks.