Choicest VGM - VGM #81 - Quest for Glory 2 - Caravan to Raseir (Intermission)

Original Composer: Chris Brayman
Initially released: 1989

Ah now we come to one of my favourite tracks in the game. One of the most humourous parts of Quest for Glory 2 is when the Hero joins a caravan that leaves the city of Shapeir to its "twin" city of Raseir in the south. While the caravan crosses the desert we are treated to an epic theme very similar to the soundtrack from Lawrence of Arabia.

At 1:06 the Hero's caravan is ambushed by a horde of bandits and the story ends on a cliffhanger... just in time for a Pythonesque intermission at 1:36. The story then continues at 2:18 where the Hero stands atop a mountain of enemy corpses and says the memorable quote:

I love the smell of victory in the morning... It smells like... sweat. No, no... oregano... nooo... like Victory! Yea Victory!... Yea! Yea! That's the ticket.

Ah... good times.

Thanks to Sierra On-Line and Quest Studios for providing these memorable tracks.