Game of the Year 2012

Hooray! I managed to get one of these Game of the Year articles out earlier than the previous year :) (hey at least I got it out before the end of the financial year ;)). However I didn't review as many games last year (about 14 compared to 20 in 2011) so technically I should've had more time to commit to the reviewing part rather than the play-testing part :).

For 2012, the best scoring game here at Choicest Games was:

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 turns out to be a clear winner this year with no other games achieving a score of 9/10. While the game may seem a controversial choice for some considering the poorly implemented ending, the Extended Cut alleviated many of these issues. The whole game itself is one action-packed finale to the Commander Shepard trilogy and it ties all the loose ends created in the previous two games. Incidentally, a Mass Effect game has always either won a Game of the Year award on this blog (i.e. Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3) or Runner-Up award (i.e. Mass Effect 1). So you can tell I'm quite a big fan :).

This year, the runners up prize goes to:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

5 games received a decent 8/10 for their score, so it was a tough choice to pick the best of the bunch but in the end it had to go to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Why? It manages to be one of the few games that rebooted an old franchise and did it right. Firaxis managed to make the game faithful to the original series' core gameplay, yet have streamlined some of the UI and concepts to make the game more accessible to the younger generation of gamers.

Honourable Mentions

Honourable Mentions go to the following games that also achieved a score of 8/10 (like XCOM: Enemy Unknown) but didn't quite make the cut: