FTL Soundtrack Review

  • Name: FTL Original Soundtrack
  • Label: None
  • Composer(s): Ben Prunty
  • Number of Tracks: 29

As you know from my FTL review, I found this little indie starship management game a charming one - giving it a well deserved 8/10. As I mentioned, one of the best aspects of the game was the awesome soundtrack by Ben Prunty that takes you back in time with a retro soundtrack consisting of what sounds like chiptune music. The music works surprisingly well though evoking feelings of nostalgia for sci-fi media of the 80s and 90s.

Stand-out favourites of mine are pretty much any of the tracks that use the leitmotifs from the Milky Way/Federation theme and the title theme (Space Cruise), which is almost every track.

While some of the more ambient tracks don't take my fancy (especially in their "Explore" form) they definitely become quite groovy in their "Battle" form (there's basically two versions of every track in the game - one is used in peaceful situations while the other is used during combat). I especially like the combat versions of Milky Way and Colonial.

Overall, there are quite a few gems in this soundtrack which shine enough to warrant it a look.

Score - 7/10

If you're a fan of chiptune music or dreamy sci-fi music, Ben Prunty's FTL soundtrack could be right up your alley. At only $5 too, it's not going to burn a hole in your wallet.

If you wish to purchase this album visit Ben Prunty's Bandcamp website here.