Where to buy SimCity in Australia?

Okay it's a new year so it's time to start planning on where to buy those big name games from (I've already pre-ordered The Cave and Omerta: City of Gangsters since even if I wanted to buy physical copies of these in Australia, it's probably going to be awhile)! Coming out in March is the reboot to the SimCity series and the three ways of buying it I'm aware of is through Origin, EB Games and JB Hi-Fi. Note however, that no matter what you do, you'll have to setup an Origin account anyway in order to play SimCity.

SimCity Limited Edition
  • JB Hi-Fi = $79
  • EB Games = $88
  • Origin = $80

The Limited Edition is the standard pre-order edition. With it you get the following:

  • New characters (Superhero and Villain)
  • Crime Waves (Villain will cause crime waves)
  • Super Hero HQ (Hero's HQ used to combat crime)
  • Evil Villain Lair (Place the lair to create crime waves)
  • Plumbob Park (Origin Only)

As you can see, there's not much difference in price but if you wanted the cheapest option, go with JB.

EB Games is also offering a Collector's Edition (an EB Games Exclusive) for $89. Since it's only $1 extra to get the Collector's Edition, if you're buying from EB Games, it might be worth it. You get all the stuff from the Limited Edition along with the following extras:

  • Unique collectible Steelbook box
  • Unique London neighbourhood

Finally, Origin is offering a Digital Deluxe version for $99 which has the following extras over the Limited Edition:

  • British City Set
  • French City Set
  • German City Set

So if you want different architectural styles to use in SimCity, it might be worth paying the extra $20 for the Digital Deluxe version - hey you'll be forced to play on Origin anyway right? Alternatively you could just buy it from JB or Origin (depending if you want a physical or digital copy or not).