Omerta: City of Gangsters gets release date

This game has come out of the blue for me since it's apparently going to be released in only a matter of days (1 February 2013) and I only noticed it being sold on Steam yesterday. Well that's the official digital release date (or 31 January 2013 if you want to go off GOG or the official website). Retail release in North America will be 12 February 2013. Neither EB or JB seem to be distributing it in Australia, at least not yet.

The game is available off Steam for USD $34 or USD $51 if you purchase a two-pack (apparently the game has multiplayer where another player can play a competing gang). GOG is also selling it for USD $34 but of course it will be DRM-free if you buy it from them.

I purchased the two-pack off Steam since I wanted to gift the other to my bro as a birthday present. However, if you want a DRM-free copy for yourself, I'd recommend's offer.

So why am I excited about this game that apparently came from nowhere? Most importantly, the game is made by Haemimont Games. These guys are one of my favourite newly discovered developers. They were responsible for resurrecting the Tropico series with the games Tropico 3 and 4, and they did a pretty good job of it too. I suspect they're using a modified engine from these games for Omerta: City of Gangsters (O:CoG) although considering you control gangsters in combat (judging by the trailer video) the game is most likely going to be a turn-based tactics strategy game.

On one hand, I'm excited by what looks like glimpses of a turn-based tactics strategy game since there needs to be more Jagged Alliance/X-COM clones out there (as an aside, I lol'ed when I read a gamer comment that O:CoG looked like "XCOM: Enemy Unknown but with gangsters!" – makes you feel old when the current generation never played a squad tactics game before 2012!). On the other hand though, I'm uncertain about Haemimont's experience in this area. They've apparently developed real-time strategy games in the past, so that's a good sign – but how well will that translate to the turn-based tactics strategy genre? Stay tuned to this blog for when I finally review the game ;).