10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2013 - #7 SpaceVenture

Why it might be good:
  • Another Kickstarter by ex-Sierra developers: the Guys from Andromeda who were famous for the Space Quest series
  • Not enough humourous sci-fi games in the market - hopefully there'll be more parodies of sci-fi pop culture!
  • Great voice actors: John Patrick Lowrie, Ellen McLain, Robert Clotworthy, Rob Paulsen and Gary Owens
Why it might be bad:
  • I don't believe the game has the iconic Roger Wilco in it - will the fans warm to a new protagonist?
  • Is parodying the sci-fi genre popular anymore? A whole generation hasn't been brought up by the likes of Star Trek or Star Wars.
  • Will the gameplay be able to convince a new generation of fans or will it only be old fogies (like me) buying into the nostalgia?

Release Date:
February 2013


  1. Cool game - I backed this bigtime.....

    What you haven't mentioned is that the Sci Fi genre has moved on a lot since Star Wars and Star Trek - movies like The Matrix, District 9, Avatar, Prometheus etc have come come around since then. There is also a lot of old movies that are ripe for picking such as Planet of the Apes, Blade Runner and Back to the Future.

  2. Hi Java Monkey,

    Thanks for posting! Yes indeed you are correct that there's been several other sci-fi movies but I guess what I was really getting at was the fact that not only did you have Space Quest parodying the big sci-fi franchises (i.e. Star Trek and Star Wars) in the 80s/90s but other media, such as the films Spaceballs and Galaxy Quest. I don't think this has been replicated to a significant degree in recent times with the exception of Futurama (and even then, Futurama is making fun more of today's society more than anything else). Of course, this is just my opinion.

    However, as you say, the Guys from Andromeda have several other sci-fi movies/franchises since then to draw inspiration from. They're not quite space operas like Star Wars and Star Trek were (cyberpunk and post-apocalyptic tend to be the more popular sci-fi genres nowadays) but there are indeed quite famous scenes and quotes to parody.

    And of course they don't need to solely take their inspiration from sci-fi. I'm sure there's lots of contemporary situations and observational humour that will creep its way in :).


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