10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2013 - #4 Double Fine Adventure

Why it might be good:
  • Tim Schafer is behind some of the best adventure games ever created including Full Throttle and Grim Fandango. He also worked on the critically acclaimed Psychonauts.
  • This was the first gaming-based Kickstarter to raise a huge amount of dough, raising more than $3 million. That means they have the resources to make a great game.
  • Unlike other gaming Kickstarters, Tim Schafer has been continuously developing games since the Golden Age of point ‘n' click adventures. This has a high chance of succeeding.
Why it might be bad:
  • Tim Schafer's games are at best set in unique worlds but to some these worlds are a bit too weird for your average gamer.
  • The huge budget means there are great expectations from Double Fine to deliver an awesome game.
  • Will players find the animation style jarring or will they embrace it?

Release Date:
Q2 2013