10 Most Anticipated PC Games of 2013 - #10 The Cave

Why it might be good:
  • Ron Gilbert has a reputation of making humourous and fun games like Monkey Island and Deathspank
  • Increased replay by implementing a similar mechanic to Maniac Mansion where you pick three people out of seven to join the party
  • Each character has a deep desire or dark secret that can only be revealed if you have them in the party
Why it might be bad:
  • Ron Gilbert is mixing simple game mechanics (e.g. platformer) with the adventure genre, again (e.g. hack 'n' slash RPG with Deathspank). This might scare off some purist point 'n' click adventure gamers
  • Unlike traditional adventure games there’s no inventory system
  • Game is intended to not be as difficult as oldschool adventure games. The question remains will it be too casual/easy?

Release Date:
January 2013