Hero-U's website receives a makeover

There's only a couple of days left but the Kickstarter project by Lori and Corey Cole (developers of the classic Sierra series, Quest for Glory) have updated their main website and I must say it's looking fantastic. Looks aren't everything though as it now has much more information about Hero-U and its team. There are now even some extra screenshots and some music that you can download. I've taken the liberty to post some of this music on YouTube as it's of a high standard - definitely not what you'd expect from an amateur game, which Hero-U isn't. Incidentally, Ryan Grogan, the composer is a fellow Aussie too! So you're creating jobs for Australians (or an Australian) if you support this game ;).

So I guess this post is really aimed at the those who didn't really know much about Quest for Glory or skeptics who thought the development team wasn't up to scratch. I'm hoping that visiting the website will change your mind.