Battlefield 1942 is now free!

Battlefield 1942 is now free!

Well kind of... there's a catch... there's always a catch - but it's not much of a catch if you've already got some recent EA games such as Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 3 already. Basically you need to have EA's digital distribution system Origin installed and running. If you've already got Origin setup, all you need to do is to visit the Free Demos page and download it. Also if you read further it says that the free download expires 1 March 2013. So I'm not quite sure what happens after that date if you happen to buy a new computer. Does that mean you won't be able to re-download the game or if you've tied it to your account already, you're fine?

So why is EA giving away Battlefield 1942, the original Battlefield game that started it all? Well apparently the Battlefield series is now 10 years old (that's right, it's been THAT long since the original) and Battlefield Premium has surpassed 2 million members (I've yet to join the BF Premium wagon, but looks like they're doing just fine without me! Hmph! ;)).

While the very first Battlefield may not look too great and the controls might also seem a bit clunky, imagine what it was like when this game first came out. It was actually way ahead of its time.

Oh and what I find hilarious is that the game is a "hefty" 150MB in size - that's way smaller than a Battlefield PATCH nowadays...